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Our touch screens target your ad to thousands of salon clients across the country or to a local salon in your town. Our influential and highly engaged audience makes us an attractive environment for advertisers.

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Local Advertisers

Advertise your business in the local Salon and reach your target audience today!

How we deliver your message:
SalonTarget® has installed a new type of advertising platform that allows your businesses to advertise in local Beauty Salons. Each stylist’s station within the Salon now has a touch screen able to target your ad to specific Salon clients while they sit in the chair.


National and Regional Advertisers

SalonTarget® has created a new metric; CTV (Confirmed Targeted View). SalonTarget's® software analytics capture and provide advertisers with key demographic statistics as to who is actually in the chair. One that is measurable, quantifiable and guarantee’s advertisers they are delivering to a known individual with supporting demographic to directly target that individual.

Get the most out of your advertising dollars with SalonTarget® and realize the true power of Confirmed Targeted Views (CTV’s)



“I was very impressed with the quality of my advertisement” Robert - La Scala restaurant
“I am in the printing business where image is everything. SalonTarget® allows me to showcase my business with dynamic advertisements that reach my customers.”
Scott - Ziprint Centers, Inc.
“SalonTarget® is a better value than newspaper ads for two reasons; we are able to change our ads based on inventory; and there is a captive audience watching engaging ads in a dynamic format”
Arthur - Marquis Motorcars