Advertise Your Business in the Local Salon and Reach Your Target Audience!

How we deliver your message:
SalonTarget® has installed a new type of advertising platform that allows local businesses to advertise in their local Beauty Salons. Each stylist’s station within the Salon now has a digital touch screen which displays local advertising to Salon clients while clients are sitting in the chair.
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SalonTarget® Media Kit - Local Advertising


Salon clients are a captive audience with known demographics
Stylist confirms the client with the correct demographics for your ad is in the chair. Your ad is displayed, providing an opportunity for the stylist to recommend your business.
Clients are in the chair an average of 45 minutes per session.


Demographics and client preferences are known
Directly target advertising offers to client
Client can accept offer directly from POS
Increase brand awareness
Generate qualified leads
Conduct product surveys
Motion and static ads (no sound)
Sponsorship spots (brought to you by _________)
Highest recall rate of all media
Superior impact of dynamic images
Low cost production and asset repurposing
We can create your ad. Ads can be updated at anytime
Highly favorable competitive rates with virtually guaranteed viewership


Salons are open for 10 hours a day 6 days a week
Ads run on a 15 minute cycle
Number of Ads spots available during cycle = 15
Length of ad = 15 seconds
Average time a client is sitting in the chair is 45 minutes
Number of times a client will see your advertising offer during a session = 3
Number of Chairs in a typical Salon = 6
National average # of clients per chair per week = 23
Total views per chair each week: 6 chairs X 23 sessions X 3 views = 414 CTV’s
Total Number of Confirmed Targeted Views per month = 1656

According to the Salon Industry Association
and other sources:

84% of all women frequent salons
50 million visit salons at least once every 8 weeks in the U.S.
Typical male salon customer is between the ages of 25-49
61% are college educated.