QuickBeauty Salon

QuickBeauty Salon approached SalonTarget® in search of an all in one POS system. We were in the early stages of starting up our very own full service beauty salon. The process of starting a business from the ground up was very overwhelming. The SalonTarget® Team brought us in and showed us everything the software could do. The software itself went above and beyond our specific requirements, so the decision to go with SalonTarget® was quite easy. In my opinion the software product was not the most important part of doing business with SalonTarget®. The SalonTarget® Team has consulted us on every part of our business including but not limited to:
-Introduction to product distributors
-Website consultation
-Interior design
-Hiring best practices
SalonTarget® is not just a software company; they are a consulting service. They became a partner with us and have used their extensive experience to help us make the best decision for our business. Without SalonTarget®, starting our salon would have been a much more difficult task. It is nice to know we have the backing of experienced professionals.

Fred DeAngelo Owner, QuickBeauty Salon


Dellaria Salons

Leonardo's Salon


Tease Hair Studio

Since beginning our journey with SalonTarget®, we've noticed a significant improvement in productivity here at Tease Hair Studio. Not only do the touch screens create an entirely unique and modern experience for our guests, but the software is so user friendly that it allows the client to take control of their schedule with ease. Booking appointments, whether it be online or in person, is effortless with this software and that's just the beginning of what SalonTarget® can do for optimum performance and management.

One of the greatest contributions this system has introduced to us is the convenience of tracking our monthly progress in terms of retention, re-booking and even sales statistics, which in turn has tremendously increased growth and motivated our team to reach ambitious new goals. This has given us the opportunity to view everything our salon has to offer with the ability to flourish while still maintaining and building relationships with our guests through this efficient and interactive technology. It has been a pleasure working with the SalonTarget® Team and their program has been an irreplaceable asset to our salon. We look forward to see what the future holds for SalonTarget®!

Rivkah's Hair Studio

Being a small salon you might not always know whats best! We started out slow and learned along the way.
When we came across SalonTarget® through our distributor and mentor we were really excited about increasing productivity through real-time reporting!
Since we have been using SalonTarget® we have seen an increase in our productivity and retention. The software allows us to analyze everything and anything pertaining to the salon. We love the customer support and the software itself continues to develop and improve.

Thanks again SalonTarget® !

Vivid Salon

Since we launched SalonTarget® in our salon back in March, our pre-booking has jumped up 33%, to over 50% as a salon total. Guests are also spending less time at the reception desk than before SalonTarget®.

Mark and Kelly O'Day, Owners - Vivid Salon

Spectra Salon & Spa

I am writing to tell you how excited we are here at Spectra Salon & Spa with the new SalonTarget® cloud based management software system. We have used Hairmax for many years and found moving from Hairmax to SalonTarget® to be an easy transition. The dashboard driven system is intuitive, easy to use and at a glance can connect us to clients, services, gift cards, employees, payroll, inventory and reports.

SalonTarget® allows us to launch email marketing opportunities, online booking (genuinely loved by customers actively using this feature), automatic confirmations and easy re-booking from client history.

As the Business Director at Spectra I love the fact that I can comprehensively train a new Salon Coordinator or new employee on the entire dashboard system in the backroom in a classroom setting. This feature allows the training to be thorough, individualized and specific. The fact that I can train an employee away from the front desk, providing a more quality experience, without interruptions and distractions that working in a busy salon often generates, is fantastic!

A key feature of the SalonTarget® software is the integration of the Blue Fin Credit Card payment system. Credit cards are swiped and receipts are rapidly generated which provides a speedier checkout experience for the customer. SalonTarget® can also produce printed appointment cards which affords a take-away, value-added service for a customer.

Another benefit of the cloud based service is that the entire staff can view their schedule from home or the backroom using a smart phone, tablet or computer/laptop. As a manager, I can easily research sales, booked appointments, employee productivity and stay current moment-to-moment with all dashboard functions.

In conclusion, the support and training from SalonTarget® has been outstanding. They have been available "24X7 " and always quick to respond to questions. We are very happy with our investment in SalonTarget® and highly recommend the software system to any salon owner who wishes to actively grow and enhance their business!

Lois Maatheson, Business Director
Spectra Salon & Spa

Compulsive Salon

Dear SalonTarget®
On behalf of the customers and staff of Compulsive Salon, we would just like to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the SalonTarget® system. Our salon has improved tremendously from the sales of products, to how efficiently the it runs, & to the significant decline of no-shows we get with the automated text or email reminders that our customers receive. Getting clients to rebook directly from their chairs on the touch screens has increased our overall sales by at least 35%. We love all the recent upgrades that the system is continuously adding and couldn't be happier with the technical support you provide as well. Looking forward to a lifetime business relationship, you truly have been a man of your word! 

Eli DesRoches
Compulsive Salon President

Sacarrha Salon

Getting SalonTarget® for my salon was one of the best things I could have done for my business. I've been with SalonTarget® since March and it has grown my business tremendously. As a salon owner and full time stylist behind the chair, I never had the time for my business. With having all the latest technology SalonTarget® has given me all the tools to help run my salon more professionally and efficiently. This software has taken the stress off me and has made me a better salon owner and my life so much easier. My staff has been so motivated and have grown so much since getting SalonTarget®. Our salon has been getting so many new guests coming into the salon with the online exposure from customer reviews through the software and with the online appointment booking. Clients love the technology and the convenience of what this software offers. I could not be more happy, Thank you SalonTarget®.

Heather Carr
Owner of Sacarrha Salon

Michael Thomas Salon

Since my first interaction with SalonTarget® I was impressed! They are so professional, so down to earth and very fun!!! When we  got to meet Annemarie & Anthony...... we were all blown away!!!! What an awesome team!! Just incredible people, so knowledgeable and kind,  and they "get it"!!! What we go through on a daily basis with clients, scheduling, the struggles and time management issues.... They understood it ALL!!! They own a salon, work with clients, they are in the industry so they KNOW what salons need. What employees want, what owners want and the seamless integration with SalonTarget® was hands down OUTSTANDING!!! I have worked with other software companies, I have TRIED to work with other well known brands as well, everything was too complicated, too frustrating, and extremely overwhelming. 

This has been hands down..... the most fun, exciting, and motivating experience to change over our software. To be more efficient, more effective, and to offer an even better client experience, which is always our number one goal!!!

Thank you SalonTarget® for creating a superior product and exceeding all of our expectations!!! SalonTarget® has already begun to change our industry!!! We are so honored to have the opportunity to work with you.

My Very Best,
Keri Levesque and the Michael Thomas Team!!!

Water Stone Hair Studio & Spa

I love SalonTarget®, it's amazing!! Also I feel like after you installed it something magical is happening.... I haven't been able to see and feel and remember why I created my salon and where I wanted to take the team and what that looked like. I had the hardest meeting with one of my young stylists that's been with me for a long time last night she wanted to be a booth renter out of frustration and a lot of miscommunication. We laid it all out on the table and cried and laughed and I remembered where I started with her and Water Stone.

I guess what I am saying is thank you so very much from my heart to yours for what you created and the magic that lies in between all of it. I look forward to learning from you both so much to grow into the leader and team and salon I've dreamt of becoming.

Thank You!!!

Mariposa Salon

I just wanted to say Thank You to SalonTarget®! We've just had our biggest month and its thanks to you guys, our mentors and our friends!

Love you!

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