SalonTarget Salon Management Software - Premiere Edition

Premiere Edition Stylist Tablets 

The Premiere Edition has all the standard features you’d expect in modern salon software with the addition of tablets at every station. This enables you to improve your business on all levels right at the styling station(partial list):
– Recommend and sell products and services
– Book last minutes service offerings and promotions
– Rebook appointments
– Show salon promotions

The following are just a few examples of the many features included in SalonTarget® Premiere Edition

At any time during the service the stylist can choose up to 4 alert buttons on the tablet which will display at the front desk alerting the receptionist. A customizable preloaded message, configured by the salon owner, will appear at the bottom of the receptionist display. The receptionist, upon seeing the message displayed, can respond to the stylist’s request with an appropriate response. With any of these responses the stylist sees the outcome on the original button they selected. Response types are based on one of three colors: Yellow – still waiting for a response; Green – acknowledged and I can help with your request; Red – acknowledged but I can not help with your request.

At any time during the appointment the stylist can rebook a past service the current client has had regardless of which stylist provided the service. This is done by tapping the rebook tab at the top of the tablet and then choosing a past service from the list. The stylist then chooses the date and then taps “Book Now”. This adds the appointment to the salon schedule and to the corresponding service provider’s schedule. A confirmation email is automatically sent to the client.

Salon Promotion:
While the customer is engaged with the screen in Display Mode, they may choose to take advantage of a targeted product promotion. These are displayed on the right side of the tablet. The stylist taps on the requested promotion which displays the full product promotion detail. The product can be added to the shopping cart at this time. In addition to the full detail of a promotion, related products are also displayed based on client preferences.

Client Preferences:
The Preference engine and set up (tagging) are the heart of SalonTarget®The service provider asks the client questions about their hair, body and skin; and their product, service and entertainment preferences. These are tagged by the service provider within the client’s secure profile. Once complete, the preference engine matches products, services, content and advertising to the individual client. Preferences can be added or modified at any point by the service provider. These tagged preferences are used to create a unique experience for the client and to facilitate salon efficiency, bringing added revenue.

Start Service:
When the stylist begins the service, they click the display button engaging the ad, content and promotion engine. Should the stylist forget to select the display button, the system will automatically switch to this mode after 60 seconds. Once in display mode, the client now enjoys targeted ads, content, product promotions and last minute services.

Take Client Photos:
This is where you manage the client image library, anyone of these images can be used on their profile page and becomes the image of record for the client’s account. To take a new photo of the client, the stylist simply taps on the image placeholder on the client profile page. This activates the onboard camera. The client is already positioned in front of the camera, the stylist taps the “Capture Image” button. The image is then displayed on the client profile page. If the client’s image gallery contains more than one image, they may choose which one is featured on the profile. The images can also be rated for future reference.

Tablets display up to five different streams of content. These include: Local events, health tips, entertainment and world news as well as sports and popular Tweets from around the globe. They are continuously updated and can be targeted to the client.

Is Premiere Right For Your Salon?

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