It's This Simple!

It's This Simple!

SalonTarget® is the leader in new technology for salons & spas. To find out what we can do for you, simply tell us about yourself and we’ll put you at ease. We are salon owners just like you!

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Another Happy Client!

Dear Anthony, AnneMarie & Salon Target Staff,

First off let me just say, I am completely IN LOVE with the SalonTarget Software!!! You have seriously designed an amazing product that has made things so much easier for myself, our salon, our staff and our clients.

I opened Tease Salon back in April 2014 and used another well known salon software, which I had nothing but problems with since day one…the system itself, as well as the horrible customer service! I had to deal with tech support who just didn’t understand that it’s not cool (or fun) for your entire system to be down in the middle of a busy day with a salon full of clients waiting to check out and think nothing of leaving you on hold for 30 minutes or more and then sending your call directly to voice mail, leaving you frustrated, angry and wanting to literally throw the entire POS system out the window. There were many times where I couldn’t even process any transactions for days at a time because my system would be down and tech support was so slow at resolving issues… I wanted to cry! I went through 3 different POS systems with that company within 3 years and I was finally over it and them!

I did so much research trying to find a good software that would actually work the way it was supposed to and have responsive and dependable support when I needed it. I checked out every salon software out there, requested demos and spoke at length with numerous companies. It was so daunting, I never thought I would be able to find something that did everything that I needed a salon software to do.

I finally found SalonTarget. I reached out to them to inquire about possibly switching over. I happened to get Anthony when I called and he was so incredibly nice. He took so much time listening to me and explaining how SalonTarget worked, all it’s features and I was immediately sold!

They got me set up super fast. They sent me all the equipment I needed, and even transferred over my complete database of clients, services, inventory, and staff with NO PROBLEMS! I had about an hour of training over the phone and was up and running live that same day of training.

The software itself is super simple to use and easy to navigate. It makes booking and checking out clients a breeze. It has every report you could ever want, and it makes payroll fast and easy! Seriously, if you can possibly think of something you would need a salon software to do, they have already thought of it, and it does it already! It’s really amazing.

I wish I would have found them 4 years ago! They are ALWAYS available if I need help with anything at all, at ANY time and they are so unbelievably accommodating!

This software does absolutely everything! I seriously can not say how impressed I am with how well thought out it is. The developers and programmers that designed it are genius!!! I have never worked with such a great program before as SalonTarget.

If you own a salon, you REALLY NEED TO HAVE THIS in your salon. I am 100% confident you will LOVE IT as much as I do!!!

I am still stuck paying a monthly lease on my old equipment that is sitting at home in a box in my basement, but let me tell you, getting rid of them and getting SalonTarget in my salon was so worth it to me. That’s how much I love it!

Nancy Hartley – Owner, Tease Salon